Coming to Kerala for your dream vacation or in search of dots to connect, we will plan it at your pace. We provide customized travel for differently abled groups and individuals with special needs

Accessible vacations of THREKA welcome families, single travelers, and their friends. You will visit the living classrooms of culture and history in and around the Gods Own Country with THREKA.

It is THREKAs pleasure to serve the special needs travelers including wheelchair users, slow walkers, the elderly, the hearing impaired, the visually impaired and having other developmental disabilities as well.

THREKA bestowing delight to the differently abled Travelers with:

• Private accessible vehicles

• Accessible accommodation

• Accessible sites and attractions

• Guides having experience with differently abled Travelers

• Airport assistance by special crew

• Disability aid for rent

The trip will be at your own pace suitable to your abilities, needs and wishes. THREKA will create the itinerary based on how much time you want to spend touring, traveling and resting. The itinerary will be tailored to the sites you want to visit in the best way possible for a smooth journey.

Select your itinerary through the filters and customize it with TEAM THREKA.

We also create custom accessible vacations, for travelers who want their own private accessible vacation at their own pace, in and around Kerala throughout the year. You can choose the ideal dates based on your calendar and with guidance from TEAM THREKA.

Hope you would enjoy your next accessible vacation with THREKA.

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