Delicious Kerala cuisine is provided in the Houseboats.

Kerala cuisine has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared. Coconut & Spices play an important part in Kerala cuisine. Few fresh herbs are also used, mainly consist of the commonly used curry leaf, and the occasional use of fresh coriander and mint.

On arrival - Welcome drink (Tender Coconut or fresh juice)

Lunch – Kerala traditional – Rice, Vegetarian dishes, Sambar, Aviyal, Thoran, Pappad, Pickle, curd, green salad and Fish curry or fry will be also served.

Evening Tea - Tea/Coffee, Kerala snacks – banana fry or finger chips

Dinner - Rice, Chappati, Vegetable dishes, Dal fry, curd, Pappad, Pickle, green salad, Special Kerala chicken curry and Desert

Breakfast - Bread toast, butter, jam, egg omelette & fruits OR Appam/Idiappam with egg curry OR Idli/Dosa with sambar curry

Note :

The Food menu given above is to give general idea of what we serve.

Some dishes/items may change according to the season & availability.

Different menu (Continental, North Indian, Jain food) can be set on your prior information.

In case any of the guests are successful in catching some fish on board it will be cooked as well. Guests also can buy crab, fish or lobsters from local fishermen’s and the chef will cook the same on board for dinner in the houseboat.

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