Kerala – Gods Own Country - A green paradise known for its highest life expectancy, lowest infant mortality rates and India’s most advanced healthcare system. And for its healthcare technology that is on par with renowned medical centres across the world. Where you’ll find some of the world’s most respected medical practitioners at work. THREKA facilitates medical travelers for General Surgery, Cardiac, Neuro, Infertility, Pediatric, Transplantation, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, ENT, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicines, Psychiatry & Pulmonology etc. treatments in the state-of-the-art multi specialty hospitals.

THREKA help you to Pre & Post treatment discussion with specialists, doctors appointments, bookings with hospitals those in tie-up with THREKA and provides relaxation and rejuvenating packages in popular and appreciated tourist destinations in the Country for individual medical travelers and accompanies. We are also preoccupied to provide you a quality, beautiful and affordable medical vacation and for this we have selected best hotels / resorts / home stays and travel tours for your stays. The main goal for THREKA is to reach your highest expectation regarding your medical requirements and to hear that you regained your smile and happiness!

Our typical medical package includes various services that come in competent prices. The medical history of the patient is emailed / uploaded and discussed, the patient is received at the airport, escorted to the hospital for treatment, and following discharge, is offered a recuperative holiday at a resort after which a post treatment check up is ensured before final departure. This is an all inclusive package for the patient and the accompanying person.

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